Custom Electric & Acoustic Guitars

We build Bowler custom electric & acoustic guitars using the finest materials and components.

Custom Made Vintage Style Tele GuitarHaving a custom guitar made for you has many advantages, the obvious one being that you choose the style and feel of your instrument. You have the benefit of having a unique instrument built to your personal specifications and being able to choose the materials and components yourself.

We make all bodies and necks in our own workshop so neck profiles and body contours can be decided and tried at different stages in the build. When you have a custom guitar built you have the choice of pickups, hardware and colours.

Depending on the guitar design, it usually takes between one and two months to make the guitar.

Electric Guitars & Basses

Sea Foam Custom Made StratWe are experts in building electric guitars with a vintage sound, feel and look. We can age the hardware and the paint can be chipped and cracked to achieve an aged and used look or we can build you a guitar that looks like it’s been in a case in the loft for 40 years.

With all of our guitars, we use only the best woods as well as top quality hand-made pickups and the best switches, pots and inputs available.

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Acoustic Guitars

Blonde Maple Custom Acoustic Folk GuitarWe specialise in building small bodied acoustic guitars using only the finest materials. Each guitar has a unique sound depending on the woods used. Each guitar is completely hand made, with hand scalloped bracing and the bridges are cut and shaped individually and fitted with bone saddle for a? very lively sound.

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