Custom Made Electric Guitars And Basses

Brighton Guitar Workshop - A Tele Is BornOur area of expertise is in vintage sound, feel and look. Unless otherwise asked for, we tend to make chunky necks much like the guitars of the 50?s and 60?s. We can age the hardware and the paint can be chipped and cracked to achieve a aged and used look. Alternatively, we can make a guitar that looks like it was in a case in the loft for 40 years.

With all guitars, we use only the best woods as well as top quality hand-made pickups and the best switches, pots and inputs available.

Jaguar Baritone Fitted with EverTune Bridge

This is a 6.5 scale length guitar made from solid swamp ash and finished in vintage 3 tone sunburst nitrocellulose. The neck is birdseye maple with maccassar ebony finger board, medium frets and vintage-style tuners. The Pickups are Bare Knuckle Juggernauts, top switches operate dual and single-coil taps, whilst the bottom switch selects the pickups using Kurt Cobain’s custom three-way design. This is a great sounding metal guitar and with the EverTune bridge, it will never any tuning issues even at very low tunings.

This bespoke Jag was made especially for a Kurt Cobain fan who wanted a guitar that accurately emulated the feel of Kurt’s guitar embodying the instrument’s distinctive sound and feel.

We can fit an EverTune bridge to your guitar. More details here.

Left Handed Candy Apple Red Telecaster

Swamp ash body finished in nitro Candy Apple Red with gold base coat, light flame maple neck with maccassar ebony finger board. Bare Knuckle pickups.

52 Butterscotch Tele

Heavily inspired by the early 50?s Telecaster, this guitar is made from lightweight swamp ash and finished in translucent butterscotch nitrocellulose. It has a bakelite pickguard, slot head screws throughout, chunky “vee” profile, one-piece maple neck, lightly flamed with thin skunk stripe. The pickups are ?The Creamery? vintage neck pickup and ?Glam Buster? bridge wired to both 6 and 8 ohms, giving the choice (with the use of a 4 way selector switch) of classic vintage and vintage overwound bridge pickup. rock ‘n’ roll classic!

Tele P90 Duo

Swamp ash body, lightly flamed Maple neck with macassar ebony fingerboard. Classic style candy apple red, with gold base coat as was done on the early fenders. Pickups are medium to hot ?Glam Buster? P90?s giving it a very classic rockabilly/rock ‘n’ roll sound. Lightly aged finish in nitrocellulose.


Parchment white pick guard, handmade scatter wound pickups, (neck P90 with alnico 5 magnets 7.1 ohm, bridge; ?The Creamery? vintage hot). Swamp ash body, rock maple neck with macassar ebony fingerboard with 22 frets.
Finished in nitrocellulose and slightly aged.

Vintage Style Strat, Finished In Nitrocellulose Daphne Blue

This vintage style Strat has a swamp ash body, and a flame maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. Features include a late 50?s style chunky neck, and hand-made scatterwound pickups from ?the creamery? overwound for the rock ‘n’ roll sound, think Rory Gallagher! It has a medium aged finish.

Vintage Style Strat in Sea Foam Green

This is a vintage style Strat made from solid swamp ash and finished in Sea Foam Green and then aged and worn. The neck is maple with skunk stripe on the back and finished to 50?s style. It has a chunky neck, aged Kluson tuners & hand-wound pickups.

Vintage 50’s Style Tele

This Tele has a natural finish and an aged swamp ash body. It features a chunky, soft V profile maple neck & Kluson tuners. The electrics include a hand-wound neck pickup from ?The Creamery? & custom-wound bridge pickup wound with 2 hots, allowing a switch between normal and extra hot, by use of a 4 way selector in place of the usual telecaster 3 way. The look is completed with slot head screws and a bakelite pick guard. A very playable guitar with 4 classic rock ‘n’ roll sounds.

Modern Style Daphne Blue Tele

This modern style Tele is finished in nitrocellulose Daphne Blue. It has a swamp ash body, a maple neck with a maccassar ebony fretboard and Bareknuckle pickups.

Five String Semi-Fretless Bass

This bass has a Swamp Ash body, a maple neck with maccassar ebony fretboard. The fretboard is shaved up to where it becomes fretless allowing smooth transition to the unfretted top of the scale.
Features include hand-made scatterwound pickups, medium high fret wire and a nitrocellulose finish.

B Bass Four String

This four string bass has a swamp ash body and a maple neck with maccassar ebony fretboard. It has hand-wound pickups from ?the creamery?. This is a very smooth playing bass with great vintage tones. The sound is somewhere between a P-bass and a Rickenbacker.

Vintage Style Relic Jazz Bass

This bass has a swamp ash body & a maple neck with maccassar ebony fretboard. It’s a great sounding Jazz bass finished in Nitrocellulose Monaco Yellow. This instrument is very smooth playing with the ebony fretboard and hand-made overwound pickups give it the rock n roll sound! The look is lightly worn in ageing.

Semi-Fretless Bass

This bass is built with a solid swamp ash body, a rosewood fingerboard and a maple neck. It’s finished in satin clear Nitrocellulose.

This bass is fretted up to the octave where the finger board is raised to the hight of the 12th fret allowing smooth movement from the fretted part of the neck to the fretless upper register. It includes hand-made scatterwound pickups.