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Specialist in Nitrocellulose vintage and relic finishes

five-string-semi-fretless-custom-bass-05All of our guitars are finished in Nitrocellulose. Re-finishing and repairs are also done in Nitrocellulose.
One of the main advantages of this type of finish is that it’s very thin and thus allows good movement of the wood as it vibrates. This is particularly important with acoustic instruments as it’s this vibration is that dictates the sound of the guitar.

Nitrocellulose can also be easily repaired, and can be an extremely high gloss or a matt finish. When repairing and re-finishing vintage guitars, Nitrocellulose is the only real option as it was the choice of all the old guitars – Fender, Gibson, Guild etc.

We can do all the vintage colours – sunbursts and translucent solid colours such as the early butterscotch Telecaster.

We also age and relic guitars and have many techniques to give the authentic look including fading, bleaching, lacquer cracking and wear and tear, rust and corrosion.

Painting and Refinishing prices vary but as a guide, a Sunburst finish on a Fender body would cost ?320 – ?350 including rebuild and setup. A Les Paul full respray would cost ?500 – ?530 including rebuild and setup.

Hank Marvin Fiesta Red Strat Refinish

Sunburst Strat Refinish

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