Guitar Setup, Servicing & Repairs

We undertake all servicing, repairs and renovations on electric and acoustic guitars and basses

  • Guitar setup
  • We stock Savarez argentine and other gypsy jazz strings
  • Can a right hand guitar be made left hand??possibly, but not always advisable due to internal strutting call for info.
  • Broken necks, bodies and cracks repaired – from ?40
  • Broken truss rod repairs
  • Paint and lacquer repairs
  • All re-fretting, including stainless steel super high frets.
  • Maple fingerboard including refinish in vintage amber nitro
  • All wiring and pick up replacing
  • Full restoration of vintage and high end acoustic and electric guitars and bass
  • EverTune bridge installation, new to the UK – read more here
  • Parts and service for guitar building projects
  • Amp repairs (electrical by JPF Amplification)
  • Amp cabinet repairs and re-covering. (most vintage tolex available)

Fretboard scalloping.? Deep Purple’s Ritchie Blackmore

Deep purple’s?Ritchie Blackmore was among the first to experiment with scalloped frets. the interesting way in which he did this has prooved to be very successfull as the guitar feels very much the same as a normal neck. the secret of this is that the frets are scalloped only on the top side of the board, so on the bass (top) side, it is the same. the scallop tapours from the treble side – see images from a stratocaster we recently did.


Prices for Scalloping Existing Neck

For strat style maple including nitro celulose re-finishing fret board,?? ?225

For strat style roswood??? ?190

New neck custom made with scallopped frets, ?290

Other fret boards are similar prices but phone for a quote.

Making a telecaster – the process

first, the wood is selected, and if more than one piece, we select and join in such a way as to match the grain, so the join is not visible.

then after cutting out the rough shape, a jig is used with a router to make the body shape. later all holes are drilled, it is sanded and painted.

The wood for the neck is selected from premium grade maple (quarter sawn for stability and strength).

The shape and trussrod channel is cut with a router and follow jig.

Once the finger board is glued into possition, the fret slots are cut and the neck is ready for shaping. (at this point any profile and size can be decided).

More photos and description on neck making to follow.

?Re-fretting a PRS

With great pleasure we repaired some fairly major damage to this lovely old instrument made in the 1960’s for, and still owned by?Tony Macaulay?who told me he had written many hit songs on this guitar, among which,?Build Me Up Buttercup?with the Foundations.

Replacement Of Broken Truss-Rod And Fingerboard On Warwick 6 String Bass

Drastic Acoustic Guitar Repair

Broken Neck Repair

We use Bare Knuckle pickups.