Used Guitars, Mandolins, Bass and amps

Used guitars, mandolins, amps, and bass for sale and exchange. Gibson, Martin, capek, Gitane, Grestch, Gruen, Fender, parkwood, ?Please get in touch for details.

Cash paid for used and damaged gear.


Fender custom shop delux stratocaster

2012 custom shop strat in pristine condition. comes in origional custom shop case, with certificate. plays superb and sounds great. This guitar has not been played since new and will only appreciate in value. set up with a fresh set of strings postage can be arranged.




Gibson J35? sold

The j35 is a lovely guitar, smallish in size, constructed from top grade mahogony back and sides, spruce top. a very sweet soundin

g guitar. comes in gibson hard case.


Photo0139 Photo0140 Photo0141 Photo0142 Photo0143

Blueridge BR143 sold

Another stunning guitar from blueridge. a kind of 000 martin size guitar with rich well balanced sweet tone. these guitars really are splendid! this on is in great condition and comes in a hard case.


Photo0148 Photo0149 Photo0150 Photo0151 Photo0152 Photo0153

Martin OM1E sold

A very nice martin guitar. small bodied, with the rust stratabond neck very strong! great live guitar with its factory in built electronics, comes in its martin hard shell case. this one play beautifully and is in very good condition.


Photo0144 Photo0145 Photo0146 Photo0147

Hot Rod??national stye resonator? SOLD

Really nice national copy, great sound for slide or picking. hard to tell apart from the old national tri cones. comes in a hardshell case. ?500Photo0163 Photo0164 Photo0165 Photo0166 Photo0167 Photo0168

John Jorgenson Signature Modele Gypsy Jazz Guitar DG-320 Guitar with Hardshell Case sold


  • Select Solid Spruce top with aged look Figured Santos Rosewood back and sides. Horizontal cutaway body with a 14-fret dovetail neck/body joint Adjustable truss rod Bone nut, zero fret
  • Gitane logo and Modele John Jorgenson in gold script Ebony peghead overlay and underlay Ebony Mustache bridge with movable center Dalmatian-tortoise body binding
  • Inlaid wooden rosette with Dalmatian-tortoise square insert and Dalmatian center rings Deluxe 14:1 gold engraved tuners with grained Ivoroid buttons Gold-plated tailpiece with Dalmatian-tortoise insert




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Marshall JCM 800 50 watt head 1986 sold

This amp is in top condition, fully serviced and ready to rock!

There are’nt many of these classic Marshalls in this condition. ?this is the most popular factory 2 input master volume model. arguably the last of the good british Marsalls decendent of the jmp’s.





Gibson j185 ce?? SOLD

2011 gibson jumbo. slim neck lovely tone, great action. equiped with the latest fishman aura pre amp system with many features including pre set room shaping and feed-back cancellation. this guitar is as new and comes in its origional fitted gibson flight case.



?Gibson a-50 mandolin 1936??? SOLD

lovely mandolin pre war, in its original case with key! unfortunately someone had a jack fitted to the side – now removed, it has also been re-finished. with this in mind it is significantly more affordable. it plays and sounds beautiful though so a real payers instrument. offers around ?850


Gibson les paul ‘t’ signature sold

Stunning classic les paul. these were a limited run a few years ago combining old with new. flame maple top, mahogony body and neck, 57 pickups with coil taps. This guitar is in great condition and plays beautifully. in its gibson hard shell case.

?1050 ? ?SOLD

Photo0102 Photo0103 Photo0108 Photo0110 Photo0109


Capek a series mandolin sold

these mandolins are stunning. hand carved in the Czech Republic from premium grade flame maple with spruce top. beautiful full tone ?- and loud! This one is from 2007 and has had little use, so very little wear or marks.

comes in a very high quality flight case

?1100 ono




Oxblood Regal Parlour Guitar sold

This lovely little guitar must be getting on for 100 years old yet it still plays superbly. It has a sweet, soft tone, a good neck and is solid all round. Comes with a hard case.

Taylor Big Baby Travel Guitar ?SOLD

This guitar is as new, hardly ever played and with no fret wear. It’s a lovely guitar just waiting to be taken on holiday. Comes with the Taylor gig bag.

Blueridge BR-341 Parlour Guitar ? SOLD

This is a stunning little modern parlour guitar. If these were made in the USA they would be close to ?2000. These are ?700 new, this one is used but in great condition. This guitar has had some work – mainly the fret board has been changed to ebony, it’s nicely done and makes it a nicer guitar. Though with this in mind, it is for sale at ?400 with a hard shell case. I may take offers.

Epiphone Les Paul sold

Lovely Gibson alternative. This is the high-end version with the set neck. It has a lovely tiger stripe flame maple top, with mahogany body and neck. It’s finished in classic Gibson honey burst. Hardly been played.

Furch La Gitane sold

This Maccaferri style guitar is a truly lovely guitar to play, it sings with the classic gypsy swing. It comes in a strong hard case. The guitar and case are in as new condition.

Gibson Arlo Guthrie SOLD

After Arlow Guthrie asked Gibson to restore his father’s old guitar from the 50?s, Gibson decided to re-issue this model Gibson LG-2 ? in 2002.
It has a sitka spruce top with Honduran mahogany back and sides. It’s a sweet sounding little guitar and comes in a Gibson hard case. Both guitar and case in as new condition.

Gitane D500 Acoustic Guitar SOLD

A lovely guitar in almost perfect condition. This is where good gypsy guitars start – great neck action, solid wood top, big sound. It’s great value and comes in a hard case.

Gruen EQ17 Jazz Guitar sold

Made in the USA by hand by Paul Gruen, this is a superb instrument. Paul developed these guitars after trying different shapes and positions of the sound hole. There are plugs that fit into the holes allowing the different tones of the top to be chosen. Loosely based on a Maccafferri made from cedar top and mahogany back and sides. It comes in its own fitted hard case. Case and guitar are in fantastic condition.

Harmony 1920s Parlour Guitar sold

This is a very early 20th century guitar by Harmony. It is in a very playable condition and has the sweet tone of these early parlour guitars. Comes in hard case. Price to be discussed.

Hohner ER-M0 Parlour Guitar sold

A very sweet little guitar inspired by the guitars of the 1930’s. It comes in a hard case and is in as new condition.
Very good value at only ?200

Martin 000 SOLD

A classic Martin acoustic with top grade spruce top, mahogany back and sides. It’s a stunning guitar to play and listen to. It comes in its Martin hard shell case. Though it’s being sold as second hand, it is actually new and was bought less than a month ago. A change of circumstance has forced sale. The guitar still has the tags and not a mark on it.

Martin 00 15 SOLD

A classic from Martin. This all mahogany guitar is finished in satin, it has a really sweet rounded tone and is a joy to play. It comes in its martin hard shell case. The guitar is between 5 and 10 years old and the sound is really coming out now having been played with care regularly. It’s in great condition and hardly showing signs of wear.

Martin D18 V sold

A beautiful dreadnought from Martin. It’s only a few years old and in fantastic condition. This guitar sounds and feels amazing. It has a spruce top with mahogany back and sides and is nicely played in. comes with its Martin hard shell case.

Martin DCPA5K sold

Brand new guitar still with protective film over the scratch plate. This is a great guitar especially for live work with the Fishman F1 analogue system fitted from the factory. Comes in a Martin hard shell case.

May Bell Parlour Guitar sold

Between 1900 and 1940 there were many of these guitars produce and played by many people from folk singers, blues men, bluegrass pickers to soldiers on the front line of WW1 and WW2. This is one of the higher-end ones with the lovely period fret board. A joy to play, it has a big vee neck and a sweet tone. Comes in a hard case.
Price to be discussed.

Parkwood Dreadnought Guitar sold

A lovely guitar in as-new condition. It has deep lows and crisp highs. The Parkwood is a great budget guitar with high end sound. New this would cost ?450, this one though is as new, is second-hand and priced at ?320.

Old Parlour Guitar With Interesting Markings and Design sold

Unfortunately the action is high and would require work if it is to be played other than with a slide! It is doable though as the guitar is otherwise solid and the neck is good. Open to offers on this one, so don?t be shy!

Sovereign Parlour Guitar sold

Beautiful little guitar circa 1930s? It’s very playable and has a full sweet tone. It comes with a Pearloid fretboard with plenty of fret hight left! I don?t think this guitar has been played much. It comes in hard case. Price to be discussed.

Stella Parlour Guitar SOLD

This guitar has a Pearloid fretboard still with plenty of frets and a lovely sweet tone. It’s in very good condition considering its age. This is a very usable and enjoyable vintage guitar. Comes in a hard case.
Price to be discussed.

Supertone Parlour Guitar sold

This is one of the nicest guitars of this era that I?ve played. As is often the case with these, it has a very sweet tone ? a nice recording guitar. Unusually for one of these, the Hawaiian art work on the top and sides has survived and is in pretty good condition. It also has a nice, intricate binding. This is a very usable vintage guitar and it comes in a hard case.
Price to be discussed.

The Loar Archtop Jazz Guitar sold

This is about 6 years old and has a bit of wear and tear. This is a great lower end archtop, it plays superb and is great for anything from gypsy swing to soft jazz. It has a lovely neck and a great sound. Comes in a hard case. A very affordable jazz guitar.

Vince Hockey Parlour Guitar SOLD

This is a truly stunning guitar. It’s hand made in the UK to a very high standard. I took this out and played it and immediately thought of Collings guitars from the USA. It’s got a rosewood back and sides (possibly Brazilian ? but need to check), a spruce top, and a mahogany neck with 12th fret to body join giving this guitar a deep, rounded tone with deep resonant bass. It has amazing sustain. Comes in a hard case.

1989 Gibson 335 Dot in Cherry Red SOLD

This guitar is all original and in great condition. The only damage is on the back where, for some reason, the lacquer peeled. This has been repaired but is still visible (see photos).
The guitar comes with the original Gibson case which is in pretty good condition also.
This 335 has nice sounding pickups (Gibson pre Burstbucker), original Grover tuners and no real wear to the frets. Overall a lovely guitar to play and it sounds awesome.

1982 Squire JV Stratocaster ?SOLD

This is one of those sought-after early JV?s. It has some marks on it but is in great condition overall and it plays beautifully too. So far as I can see, the electrics and pickups, tuners, bridge etc. are all original. Some people ask silly money for these, so this is very reasonable at ?675.

Gibson 335 Dot SOLD

This is a lovely guitar which plays beautifully and has a great tone. All original and with the original case. This guitar used to belong to ?British Sea Power? and suffered some damage to the neck (crack along the finger board about 3 inches) whilst on tour. The case is also worn after much touring (see picture). That said, the guitar has been completely repaired and is impossible to see the damage. This guitar comes with 6 month warranty on the repair.

Gibson Les Paul Standard SOLD

1997 USA Les Paul in very nice condition. This guitar was made at the Kalamazoo factory, so it has the nice dark rosewood fret board, original non chambered body and is not too heavy. The case is very good for its age with good catches and handle. The pickup covers are in nickel, and the tuners have been replaced with Gibson Grovers with no extra holes made. There is a Glambuster Vintage Hot handwound pickup in the bridge, and original Gibson in the neck. This guitar sounds awesome and plays great.

Gibson M111 ?SOLD

Quite a rare guitar from the early 90?s. It was originally fitted with a Floyd Rose trem but now has a fixed bridge. This could be reversed, as there has been no modification of the body, just a solid piece of wood in the hole. Other than that, the guitar is original and plays very nicely. Great sound and fast neck. The case is original and is in good condition for its age. Price heavily reduced due to the missing original trem.

Tokai Springy Sound Strat SOLD

This was the very accurate copy of 62/63 Stratocaster. Very thin finish, light weight body with the maple neck and veneered rosewood finger board. This guitar plays, sounds and feels like the real vintage fender Stratocaster. This one is in exceptional and original condition, with only a few marks.

Hagstrom 12 String Vintage Guitar SOLD

As played by David Bowie on ?Space Oddity?. This is a lovely sounding guitar. It has a low action and a very straight neck. There are a few lacquer cracks here and there and it’s not pristine but it does appear to be original though cannot be sure.

The guitar has a solid spruce top, laminate back and sides, a three piece mahogany neck with maple centre strip and a Rosewood fingerboard. It has a 12th fret neck to body join. Believed to be manufactured between 1969 and 1971.